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Mike Cosman

I first met Nikki when she was the contracted Occupational Health Nurse at a Mushroom Farm where I was undertaking a Safe+ assessment. It was a pleasure to see that occupational health was taking a leading role and not playing second fiddle to safety as is often the case. Nikki was not only providing excellent OH services dealing with a range of issues including chemical, biological, manual handling and ergonomics,  but was a critical part of building a positive safety culture with a group of vulnerable workers, many of whom were new to New Zealand. She built their confidence and encouraged them to become more engaged whether in speaking up about any concerns or in becoming health and safety representatives.  Nikki does not sit and wait for problems to arrive, but is very proactive in understanding what the issues are and addressing them head on.
I have since worked with Nikki in her role as Canterbury President of the NZ Occupational Health Nurses Association where she is a powerful advocate for her colleagues and instrumental in building pathways for those entering and progressing within the profession.

I have no hesitation in recommending her to prospective clients.

Mike Cosman

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